2020 HOUSING VISION: A Commonwealth whose every man, woman, and child has a safe, decent, energy-efficient, affordable place to live.

Kentucky Habitat for Humanity recently launched 2020 HOUSING VISION, a three-year, multi-partner, collaborative affordable housing initiative by housing providers working together to improve the lives of Kentuckians in need.The project was launched during a press conference and rally for affordable housing in the Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda February 5, 2018.

2020 HOUSING VISION is a call to action in Kentucky. It’s a call for ADVOCACY, COMPASSION and CONSTRUCTION of affordable housing not just for some, but for all our neighbors in need. 2020 HOUSING VISION was launched because THE NEED IS SO GREAT – one in four Kentucky families faces the threat of poverty housing. One quarter of the state's 4.4 million residents need help. U.S. Census data indicates more than a million people - nearly 1.2 million Kentuckians – do not have access
to affordable housing.

For Kentucky’s children, the reality is especially dire. While one of every five children in the United States lacks adequate resources and lives in poverty, in Kentucky, it’s one in every four. 2020 HOUSING VISION was launched by Kentucky Habitat for Humanity in collaboration with dozens of affordable housing advocates - supporters and providers – who have joined together because they know there is greater STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.
Kentucky Habitat for Humanity believes in the power of partnership. No single housing provider can eliminate poverty housing. But working together, more than has ever been accomplished before can be done.

2020 HOUSING VISION was launched in 2018 and will continue through 2020. The project partners hope to establish a sustainable MODEL OF COLLABORATIVE AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING development that can be implemented anywhere.


It’s both. It’s an initiative by supporters and providers of affordable housing to create a project that will accelerate the
construction of affordable housing and increase access to it for the more than one million Kentuckians in need of a safe,
decent, energy-efficient and affordable place to live.

Edwin King, Chief Executive Officer, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Donald Mullineaux, Chairman, Board of Directors, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati
Mary Shearer, Executive Director, Kentucky Habitat for Humanity
Jim King, President, Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE)
Holly Wiedemann, Founding Principal and President, AU Associates
Lee Colten, Division of Efficiency and Conservation, Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence

Adrienne Bush, Executive Director, Homeless and Housing Coalition of KY
Rachel Childress, Chief Executive Officer, Lexington Habitat for Humanity
Heath Duncan, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Hopkins County and Board Secretary,
Kentucky Habitat for Humanity
Stacey Epperson, President and Founder, Next Step Affordable Housing
Lori Flanery, President and CEO, New Directions Housing Corporation
Lyle S. Hanna, President and Owner, Hanna Resource Group
Marilyn S. Harris, Program Manager, Office of Housing and Community Development,
Develop Louisville/Louisville Forward
Andrew Isaacs, Senior Analyst, CSRA
Wilma Kelley, Executive Director, Beattyville Housing and Development
Rob Locke, Chief Executive Officer, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville
Tom Manning-Beavin, Director of Housing, KY Highlands Investment Corporation

Rick McQuady, Manager, Affordable Housing Program of Lexington
Mindy Shannon Phelps, Project Director, Kentucky Habitat for Humanity and 2020 HOUSING VISION
Vonda Poynter, Senior Vice President of Membership. Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises
Amy Smith, Deputy Executive Director, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Brian Snively, Help Build Hope Director, CrossRoads Missions
Brenda Weaver, Pres. of Housing and Multi-Family: Community Ventures; V. Pres. Of Business
Development: ehome America
Zach Worsham, Principal, Winterwood Property Mgmt.

Project Partners

Our Sponsors: Target, PNC, KHC, FHLB of Cincinnati, USDA Rural Development, Oak Hill Fund, KY Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Limestone Bank, Hanna Resources, Stites & Harbison LLC, Fifth-Third Bank, Home Depot Foundation, Habitat for Humanity 

For more information about 2020 Housing Vision, please contact Mindy Shannon Phelps.