Robert Baxley is a Kentucky Veteran who served in the Middle East, delivering supplies to US Troops.  When he returned to the United States, he became homeless.  His life was spent in and out of shelters.  Robert decided to seek the assistance of Volunteers of America, and was accepted into a program to get clean, find a job, and secure a place to live. 

Volunteers of America connected Robert to Kentucky Habitat for Humanity, and the process of his home began.  Originally from New Albany, Indiana, Robert chose to settle in Lexington, Kentucky.  Robert's home is very unique – it is a 320 square foot container home.  People often stop by and want to visit and better understand how the space is utilized.  Robert LOVES his home and often invites those who inquire about the space inside for a tour! 

 Robert is committed to being a good steward with his new home – he loves opening the windows and utilizing the fresh air over air conditioning.  To date, he has not had an electric bill over $30 and his water bill is usually $20 or less – talk about energy efficient!  When not enjoying his home, Robert loves spending time in the kitchen – he has worked as a cook in many restaurants in Lexington, and is currently employed by the catering company at the University of Kentucky – he loves making hot dogs and hamburgers for UK games!

 On top of his sweat equity hours, Robert has been an incredible help for Kentucky Habitat for Humanity.  He volunteers on work days, and when an issue came up in Lexington that staff members were unable to respond to quickly, Robert hopped on a bus and went over on behalf of Habitat.  We are so grateful to have Robert as a part of the Kentucky Habitat for Humanity family!

Dec 18, 2015 By admin