The majority of the Kentucky Veterans that Habitat for Humanity serves live in the Eastern and Southeastern part of the state. Many veterans are on SSI Disability and live in single or double wide mobile homes. Bad floors and leaky roofs plague the men and women who have served our country – many of whom are hoping to age in their current home. This often means making their homes more accessible, whether through increasing the door widths, adding a ramp, or updating a bathroom.

Dale Stamper, an Army veteran, got involved with Kentucky Habitat for Humanity through the YouthBuild program at Morehead State University. Dale later went to work for Morehead area Habitat and is vital in making some of the critical repairs on these homes. Dale's love of home repair started in his high school carpentry class and experience with FFA. Dale helped build his brother's home when he was only 10 years old and went on to become a multi-state licensed contractor.

Dale loves Habitat because “they help people who really need it.” Dale spoke specifically of a gentleman whose house they had recently completed work. The owner had an accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. “We went in and were able to cut out and expand the door to his bathroom and bedroom – it was the first time he was able to go into either [room] in about ten months. It is things like that – things you don't even think about,” Dale said. “It was the first time he had seen himself in a full length mirror in ten months.”

The biggest challenge Dale encounters is getting to the Veterans’ homes. This week alone, he has traveled more than 600 miles. Getting the correct materials can also be a challenge. Increasing the number of volunteers Kentucky Habitat for Humanity has is always going to be a goal. The more people who work together, the better the community will be.

Your financial support and volunteer hours can make a lasting impact on the lives of Kentucky Veterans. Learn more about ways to get involved and support Kentucky Habitat for Humanity at

Jan 8, 2016 By admin