On November 11, 2017 we will celebrate Veterans Day. Each year, we honor those who have sacrificed on behalf of the freedom of our citizens. Throughout history, young men and women have been called upon by our government to defend our rights, and to support the rights of other human beings across the globe. Veterans Day is the day set aside to honor each and every one of them. 

Kentucky Habitat is proud to share stories of veterans from across our state who have received support from our organization and its affiliates. While it feels great for our volunteers to lend a hand and put some good into the world, to be able to give citizens of Kentucky who have served this great nation a proper home with necessities included, it does more than just feel great. 

Throughout the months of October and November, on our social media channels, we continue to share stories about veterans' homes Habitat volunteers have worked on across Kentucky. To be able to give people safe, affordable housing so that they can enjoy their post-service years in dignity and comfort is our goal. 

On November 10th, one of these projects will hold its ribbon cutting. This project is unique in that the veteran we are supporting is a female Navy veteran. Marlene served 1983-87 and was given an honorable discharge. The Volunteers of America have provided housing for her while her home is under construction. Kentucky Habitat volunteers are putting the final touches on her home so that it is ready for the November 10th ribbon cutting, just in time to honor Marlene on Veterans Day November 11. 

Aside from volunteer workers, corporations from all over Louisville and Southern Indiana have come together to support this project. Contributions include: 

Jeff Home Improvement who provided siding, gutters, and a roof not only for her home, but for her garage. 

Owens Corning for partnering with Jeff Home Improvement in the Roof Deployment Project.

Target stores for donating gift cards to allow Marlene to shop and decorate her home. We are especially grateful to Roz Welch who works with community outreach at Target's Springhurst location for helping make this happen!

- Home Depot Foundation for financial support.  As a side note, Marlene’s home in the seventh project they have helped Kentucky Habitat fund since April first of this year.

Kentucky Housing Corporation for financial support.

Athena’s Sisters for caring for Marlene and walking alongside her, giving her the support system she's needed.

Thank you to the countless volunteers who have spent time hammering nails, painting walls, and taking everyday construction materials and using them to create a home.

The American flag hanging on the front porch since early in the construction process is a daily reminder to our volunteers of Marlene's service and the country for which she fought. 

There are other veterans out there needing help. Contribute your story or the story of someone you care about via our website. We look forward to bringing you updates about this project and so many more in the near future. 

Feb 8, 2016 By admin