Retrofitting cargo containers to become super energy-efficient homes for residents of Kentucky who earn less than $6,000 - $9,000 annual household income. This group could include the homeless, disabled Veterans, the elderly, small family units and individual Kentuckians on very low fixed income.

Many of these container homes will be "off grid" and operate solely on solar power with super insulation, thereby enabling those with very low income to maintain their homes. They will be relieved of economically unsustainable HVAC utility costs.

Kentucky Habitat for Humanity (KyHFH) Container Home is a new simple, affordable and energy-efficient home that uses a cargo container as its structural foundation. It is designed for low-income families who dream of owning their own home.

This home is built to Energy Star and Fortified Home standards and provides a solutions for Kentuckians whose income is often 30% or more below the area median income.

These include those who:

  • Live on a fixed income from Social Security or Social Security Disability that can be as low as $604 per month

  • Are elderly

  • Have special needs

  • Are Kentucky veterans transitioning from being homeless to owning their own homes through KyHFH's Hammers for Heroes program

Check out a sectional view of what could be done to a container, adapting it as an affordable housing unit.

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